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Dr. Maureen McHugh,

Your Neighbourhood Chiropractor

PATIENTS of Dr. Maureen have had this to say about their chiropractic care: 

You have all been extremely helpful, caring, courteous, and just lovely people to be around. I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone


Both of you have been amazing to us

Karen F. and Children.

My primary concern was back pain. It was to the point where it was difficult to get up from the couch or out of bed.

Improvement was 100% - Very Satisfied.


 I've had a recurring lower back problem for years and I thought I'd never be free from it! Doc Maureen changed everything! 

Not only was the care I received excellent and 100% professional she made me feel safe and comfortable! 
I'm now after a corrective care corse feeling like a different man and would recommend her to anyone who would have felt the way I did!
Massive thanks for what they have done for me.

Andy M.

If you don't give this clinic a try you'll be passing up an incredible opportunity to take your body to a higher level of good health - one at which you never expected to  arrive. 

I went with a severely strained shoulder. Maureen has expertise as both a chiropracter and a physical therapist. My shoulder ills didn't stand a chance. Within about 8 sessions it was just about back to normal. Shoulders take time, and the pace slowed, but never stopped. It's now back to 100%.

But that was just the beginning. I have scoleosis - not severe, but nevertheless something to deal with. Over the course of our sessions Maureen helped bring me to a much higher level of flexibility, and the slight hump from the scoleosis has even lessened!   

Maureen has recently taken training in KST, a new chiropractic technique. She is using it with me, and it is improving my entire neurological condition. For example, she used traditional techniques to achieve the improvement in my spinal curvature. After her training we switched to just KST. At my last session we went back to he traditional method to check my overall advancement. I have kept all of those achievements, and carried them EVEN FURTHER.

In addition to her professional expertise, she loves to include me in the process through educating me via extensive explanations and literature. This is rare indeed in my experience.

To top things off she and Brendan (her husbad who works with the clinic's administrative side) are delightfully down-to-earth people with a marvelous zest for life.

I wish I could give a ten star rating!

Doug L.

Attended for issues with my shoulder and spine. Excellent results. Lovely atmosphere in the practice and I felt fully informed on all of my issues and the procedures to correct them. Maureen was a pleasure to deal with.

Feargal B.

I' been a patient of Dr. Maureen for over 6 years. Over that time she has helped me through several different health issues like back pains, headaches, hip pain, ear aches, sinus. 
I always get professional treatment and in addition loving care, support and her guidance. 
Chiropractic helps me maintain my health and wellbeing naturally, without drugs and side effects.

Ilona B.

A loooong overdue review, for an amazing woman who has seriously turned my life around!!
And when I say turned my life around, I mean it!
The first day I went into Dr Maureen, I had to leave work early, searching for somewhere that could help me, rather than going back to the GP, just to be thrown more pills. I had exhausted GP's, physio's, taken pills go lore, you name it!
I was unable to stand for any length of time, nor stand up straight at all, every part of my body was in pain trying to compensate for the weakness and pain in my back. Add to that the fact that I have a physically demanding job, while also being a carer for my father with Alzheimer's, so continually being on my feet, lifting equipment, stock, people & carrying heavy weight is something I have no choice but to do.
Thanks to Dr Maureen, I actually have quality of life back, I could even march in the pride parade yesterday, and stay out for the day without having to wear a back brace or carry bio freeze, I was actually able to forget about it, and not have to expect pain. And if ever I am in need, she is always there, taking a holistic approach to the care and aftercare she provides!
If you are in need, give her a call, discuss your needs with her - it'll be worth your while - trust me!!

Paul B.

The treatments I received were exceptional. At the start of the session Dr. Maureen asked me a series of questions (including a few tests) to determine the cause of my neck and shoulder pain. Being stressed out over exams and sitting at a desk for too long definitely not helping. Just after a few visits I can feel the differences. Recovery is progressing very well thanks to those treatments. Getting my energy back is great and more importantly I can sleep better. I'm very satisfied with the treatments I received.

Jill S.

Have being with Dr Maureen for the last Six weeks treatment and what a amazing Lady,she has invested in me and sorted my back out and provided me with some great exercises to help me think about my posture and think about my standing right and not leaning on things which are bad for you. This is not a quick fix,this is a learning how to live a better life when you have a problem with your back that Dr Maureen can show you technics to strengthen your back and get on with it day to day work life.

All I can say is what amazing lady 



"...the pain I was going through for months has gone away and... "

I am a relatively new patient of Dr Maureen's but with only a few appointments the pain I was going through for months has gone away and My sleeping habits have also dramatically improved. I enjoy each visit to her office & learn a lot of new things while I'm there. 

smile emotico

Many Thanks kiss emotico San  

Sadita K.

"I woke up and everything around me was spinning...                                      I started to believe again that I could have my life back....    I want to say thank you with all my heart. "  

Ionela E.

Hi everyone. ..I just back from my favourite place and I would like to share a little story with you all. Maybe in this way I can help others who are in the situation I was ....

I would like to start with the word "chiropractor " I did not know what a chiropractor doctor meant. ..but now I know thanks to Carina C.

So, it all started now 6 ...or 7 months ago, my life took a big turn. In an instant. I had felt perfectly healthy. .but that morning I woke up and everything around me was spinning. ..It was a nightmare. OMG I didn't know what happened with me ..I fell down like the dead. I my mind at that time I was thinking, I'm gonna to die. My fiance called the ambulance and I arrived at the hospital and my diagnosis was vertigo. From then, every minute for me was a nightmare. I was afraid to open my eyes because everything floated around me.

I started to see different doctors and spend a lot of money, with no results. Until one day a friend of mine, Carina, called me to work with her ...and I told to her my story. She then told me she knew a similar story and that they were treated by a chiropractor. I immediately looked to see what a chiropractor was and does. I found a chiropractor in Swords. I was at his office for 7 visits and hardly got good results.  I texted my friend Carina to see how many sessions were needed for her friend to get well. She said not many, after one she was feeling better. Well, I figured out that I was not in the right place.

I started looking for another chiropractor. I found a great doctor. A lady who makes you feel better even while only talking with you. My first visits took 3 hours. She helped me understand that there was nothing life threatening and that she was confident that chiropractic care could make me better.

She was the only doctor who sent me for a cervical spine x-ray. The only one!  And I had seen a lot of doctors before her.  They did all types of tests and scans and said  ..all were good.  But they didn't even think to check my cervical spine. My spine was very very straight, it isn't supposed to be straight but curved in the neck. ..that was where all the problems affecting my nervous system caused my dizziness. 

She started to work at it. In only 2 visits with her I started to feel much better. ..my neck started to feel more relaxed... no dizziness!...  I started to believe again that I could have my life back. I was so depressed. ...and now I have started to smile again. Thanks to this amazing doctor that I want to say thank you with all my heart. 

So if you know someone with dizziness / vertigo and doctors not doing their job ...go to a chiropractor. It will help. I say this from my own experience. I am strongly recommending Dr. Maureen L. Mchugh at Homefarm Family Chiropractor in Drumcontra. 

I would like to say thank to all my friends who were beside me and supported me. Specially to Simona P..  Claudia B. your testimony really help me too.  Dana P. I hope I didn't annoy you too much with my crying. 

"...her enthusiasm drives me on ..." 

Michael H.  

Been going to Homefarm Family Chiropractic for lower back problem and regular check up for past 6 months or so. Dr Maureen is very thorough, works on your whole back and gives you the exercises to stay in good shape and able to pursue your pastimes (in my case long distance walking (up to 50/60 miles weekly) and golf. Getting back to full back health takes sometime but Maureen is patient, committed and her enthusiasm drives me on to much better posture and general health. 

(Posted on Whatclinic.com,) 

Reviewed 25 August 2015"No more pain and feeling a lot more relaxed"
"I went to Maureen as I had a pain at the base of my skull for several months that was causing headaches and massages were not giving any relief. After even two treatments I have no more pain and feel a lot more relaxed I would highly recommend a visit. I also notice my left arm which is the one I write with is significantly stronger after her aligning it. I didn't know not being aligned could have this effect but I feel a lot better

The clinic was open, friendly and in a handy location. I really enjoy going to see her and she is so warm and welcoming and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is also so passionate and helpful if you have any queries. Well worth a visit."

"She helped me through my first pregnancy..."

  Lauren W.

Both my husband and I were patients of Dr. Maureen when we lived in Dublin a few years ago. She helped me through my first pregnancy, and I honestly believe her chiropractic care is what made my pregnancy easier. I never dealt with sciatica like many pregnant women and never developed a "waddling" walk as my hips widened near the end. My appointments with her were never rushed, and if she didn't know the answer to one of my questions (safe babywearing strategies, for example), she always did some research and followed up with me at my next appointment.

My husband was initially a skeptic of chiropractic care, but I eventually convinced him to see Dr. Maureen about his back pain and tinnitus. She was able to help him with both, and he became a believer and was even okay with me having Maureen examine our baby girl when she was first born.

Overall, we were very happy with the care we received. I have been a patient of 3 different chiropractors in my life, and by far Maureen does the most comprehensive checks and adjustments at each appointment. When you are one of her patients, you will be treated as a person and a friend, not just a name on a file.

... she has invested in me and sorted my back out..."

Have being with Dr Maureen for the last Six weeks treatment and what an amazing Lady,she has invested in me and sorted my back out and provided me with some great exercises to help me think about my posture and think about my standing right and not leaning on things which are bad for you. This is not a quick fix,this is a learning how to live a better life when you have a problem with your back that Dr Maureen can show you techniques to strengthen your back and get on with it day to day work life.

All I can say is what amazing lady 



Note from Dr. Maureen:  

Thanks for your good and kind words Philip!  Just wanted you to know that we got those results in just 4 weeks, today in fact.  I'm so pleased for you.  

 We did his progress examination today and he had this to say on the form:  "Great family feeling when you walk in.  ...what a fantastic lady. Dr. Maureen is in how to fix and understand the problem, and make it better."

So happy my sporty kids are so relaxed after adjustment. Our 4 month old sleeps better. All very happy


 Check our Facebook videos to hear what they each have has to say after a follow-up visit!  

 "such a thorough examination....  very good value"

I certainly wasn't expecting to get that much of your time and such a thorough examination for what I thought I would be pushed through in any other office in 10 minutes at most.  I must say it is a very good value for the time you took and what I learned about my health.  I am looking forward to coming back! 


"My daughter has ...  I too have received excellent care"

My daughter has received treatment from Maureen for back muscle pains. Even though my daughter was around 10 years old, Maureen, spent the time listening to the factors causing my daughter's stress. Anja only required 2 or 3 treatments but with every visit you could see a change.

I too have received excellent care from Maureen. Having a corporate job is stressful and sitting a desk all day was making things worse. Maureen provided me exercises to help me keep my posture straight and reduce the tension in back.

M.D.   (Patient since 2012)

Thanks Maureen for fixing my back. Great to be able to put my own socks on.


New from M.M., 

Thank you for all the help you have given my partner Sean McCabe. His back and breathing are so much better thanks to you and your treatments

"Yes, it's great to feel normal. You are a life saver. Many thanks"

Maureen is an amazing chiropractor! She helped me so much over the last 3 years! Working all day in an office can be extremely painful for your lower back!  I experienced that and after seeing Maureen I feel so much better! She helped my body heal.

V.P. D.  (Patient since 2013) 

                         Below you will find few additional testimonials shared

                     from Dr. Maureen's patients while at other clinic locations: 

I want to thank Dr Maureen...                                                                                                         for your loving kindness and everything you have done for me.  D.   

THANK YOU!  You are amazing, awesome, kind, fantastic and fabulous. Thank you Very Much!  I will never forget you for the rest of my life.  A.

[This was written in a card when she moved back home after completing her pre-med education. It was a special pleasure to help her for that reason as well. She had suffered from severe daily headaches her entire life, for as long as she could remember! She left considering becoming a Chiropractic Doctor because she experienced first hand what the natural healing her own body was capable of, once chiropractic freed her nervous system from the interference that caused her headaches.

Every visit after her headaches cleared, she would come in and tell me with such joy and excitement, almost singing, "No Headaches!"

It is my joy to hear from the many patients like A.; whose suffering has stopped due to the miraculous abilities of their own bodies with Chiropractic Care. Dr.Maureen ]

(Another that I will never forget. Dr. M)...      

My chiropractic visits have made me feel young again!

I’m not the old rattly bag of squeaking bones now!        JC    

"I now have a real feeling of general well being

...As I have always had a twinge in my lower back when standing in one place for any amount of time and was sore all over if I played golf two days in a row, I made an appointment ...

On my first visit I was assessed by Dr. Maureen and she located a number of problems which were affecting my posture. I was sufficiently convinced at what she had to say, that I went for four XRAYS and signed up for 12 visits. I also had an amazing massage from Aga.

Between my 4th and 8th visit, I played golf 13 days out of 16, including 7 days in a row, all walking and at 67 years of age. Needless to say I was amazed I was able to do this, given my body would not allow me play 3 days in a row, prior to attending... (clinic name omitted by Dr.Maureen

As the weeks passed I started to notice little things like tying my shoe laces, cutting my toe nails and getting back up from a crouching position, were now that much easier. I also lost six pounds in weight, probably because of exercise I was getting from playing more golf.

I now have a real feeling of general well being and am extremely grateful"....

P. K.

(The final two testimonies above have been taken from another clinic site; as these were patients of  Dr. Maureen, providing feedback to and about her care.)