About Us

Have you been looking for a Chiropractor in Glasnevin? Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, the chiropractic care offered at Homefarm Family Chiropractic in Glasnevin emphasizes the importance of improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.  We believe Chiropractic is true health care, not just sick care.

Given the option, most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible, and chiropractic care can help those people achieve their health and wellness goals.  

For those patients who are already in pain, chiropractic care may offer a natural, self healing, way to provide pain relief -for many types of pain and conditions, including back pain, neck pain and more! Pain relief and pain prevention are two of the primary reasons that chiropractic services have become so popular, both here in Glasnevin and around the world.  We believe that if you are suffering from pain, it is your body communicating that there is a problem - our aim is to correct that problem, through removing the interference to your body's own natural ability to heal itself. 

If you have been suffering, not being able for what you once were, or feeling older that you think you should, don't wait another second to begin your road to recovery!  It may not actually be age, but how you are aging; if your nervous system isn't functioning as it should, nothing will be functioning as well as it could.  At Homefarm Family Chiropractic, our chiropractic techniques can assist patients with the rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the chiropractic journey may offer a new sense of balance and wellness that one has never before experienced. If you want see if Chiropractic may help you begin living at a higher level, or just free from your suffering, stop in or call us at (01) 561 3000. We will answer your questions and schedule your first appointment; it would be our honor and privilege to help you achieve your goals for a healthier life!

People around the world are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health without requiring invasive treatments such as surgery, or the need for taking medications (it is certain that the problem is not that your body is suffering from a lack of medications.) If you want to get to the cause of a problem, and begin to allow your own natural ability to heal work more efficiently, please - take the time to meet Dr. Maureen, we are certain beyond a doubt that you will find her to be dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. 

As a patient at Homefarm Family Chiropractic we will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly effective techniques and services; further, to more fully understand the nature of your health, we recommend that you join our free website membership program.  There is no catch, just great information worth sharing, because we really do care.  

Call now and take that First Giant Step toward your health optimizing goals; be they - increased movement, decreased or eliminating pain, improved posture and appearance, balancing hormonal issues, strengthening your immune system, or just ending those nagging headaches. What ever your health optimizing goals are, call, we want to help.   (01) 561 3000