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                                                                                                                             13 Blackwater Road

                                                                                                       Dublin Industrial Estate

                                                                                                                     Glasnevin, D 11



                                                                                                         (01) 561-3000

Dr. Maureen McHugh is your chiropractor serving Glasnevin and the surrounding areas of Dublin. Dr. Maureen and the rest of the welcoming team at Homefarm Family Chiropractic are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs; whether you are experiencing headaches, back or neck pain or restriction, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle or foot - basically any joint - restriction, weakness or pain, or simply muscular tightness and tension.

You may be searching for pain relief after an accident, recovering from an injury, or you may be suffering from a specific condition; such as, chronic back pain, a spinal condition, indigestion, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, depression - any ill health concerns, we would like to help you. Even if you're looking only to improve your current overall good health, Dr. Maureen can help you attain these everyday wellness goals!  

At your first visit to Homefarm Family Chiropractic, Dr. Maureen  will be sure to give you a better understanding of how chiropractic care works and give you a very thorough examination and evaluation to see if Chiropractic is an appropriate fit to address your needs. If she finds it is a good fit, and you choose to receive the recommended care, she will customize a plan of Chiropractic care for your specific condition and health goals. It is your health, and your choice; she wants you to understand what you are choosing. The overwhelming majority of her patients have found her entire new patient process very informative and one of the most thorough intake processes they have ever experienced.  

If you have not been to a chiropractor before and want to find out more, please contact us or call (01) 561 3000 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

Even if you are not a patient, if you would like to stay informed about the latest in chiropractic care or if you want to start receiving free articles about health and wellness news, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. We are happy to share this valuable information so we can to help increase the quality of life and living for others - it has great power in the wellness of the entire community, large and small. 

 We also offer a member wellness area which includes our animated exercise videos, wellness articles, and other healthcare resources. 


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Maureen"
  • "(before care-)

    "I woke up and everything around me was spinning..."

    (after care-) "I started to believe again that I could have my life back.... I want to say thank you with all my heart. ""
    Ionela E.
  • "The clinic was open, friendly and in a handy location. I really enjoy going to see her and she is so warm and welcoming and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is also so passionate and helpful if you have any queries. Well worth a visit."
  • "****
    Please see our Testimonials Page (link above) to read more about what these and many others are saying about their health & wellbeing under Dr. Maureen's care."

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